Mindful Shopping that you can do...

I'm a budget friendly, total realist when it comes to being a concious lifestyler.  It's hard, you want to do good but are tempted by all the beautiful things out there. 

This is part of what fuels me to carry on and keep on my mission to marry good design with eco concious living because I understand that the vast majority of us, in New Zealand at least, are totally torn by what we'd love in our homes and what we believe is good for not only us, and our families but our planet as a whole.  AND what fits in our budget. 

So, what do you do?!  How do you remedy this?  Well, the world is full of abundance and opportunity, the pragmatist would say "you need to block it out". But that's no fun!!

I love looking and shopping, and gathering ideas to improve my home. Realistically becoming a more mindful shopper will help what you purchase align more with your real values.

So, here are some relativity easy steps to help you along the way as you go through the journey:

When you're in a store (or online) and see something you LOVE try doing these FIVE quick things:

1.  THINK: Do I really need this?

2.  DELAY:  Saying to yourself, I love that it's gorgeous, but let me think about it.   If you have a burning desire to still "have it"... pause and think just one last time before diving for your wallet.  

3.  REFLECT: on what you already have.  I quite often find I go for things I already have in my home.   Do I already have something that will do the job?

4.  THE GUILTS: If I really badly think I need something, I start thinking about the process it took to get to me.  Who grew the fibre, what is the factory like - does it have any environment impact - does the company / store have some ethics I'd be proud of buying into.  Organic, Fairtrade, Handmade, Local - which ever you believe it. 

5.  BUDGET: I'm a huge believer in living below your means.   I've seen how it cripples people, we call them "mortgage headaches" in our family.  So really if I can't afford something - it's a no go.  Not a - go for the credit card.

THEN if all of these can be justified in your mind, then maybe it's mean to be. 

I've found myself walking through my downtown not even wanting to enter into stores now because I know they just won't align with what I believe is good value for my money.  It's painful right now, but I hope and dream as we progress and all become more mindful that it will change.   

I'd love to purchase only from companies had goodness at heart and not just the bottom line cashflow. 

For more ideas about plastic free living and eco homes, check out my Pinterest feed.

Try being a more mindful shopper. I'd love to hear how you get on.  It's up to us as customers and citizens to make our purchases count.  So Choose Wisely.  


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