New Ethical Clutches - Reuse, Repurpose, Recycled!

I'm so excited to finally be able to offer a range of Ethical Clutches which have been super popular at the local weekly market here in my home town.  

I thought I'd share a little about my process...

It's really important to me that my business and the products I offer are as ethical and useful as possible.  So, over the years of making products I've accumulated off cuts from my fabrics in the hopes that one day I can create handy items that will save them from the landfill.  When I recently moved I realised that it was time to convert those boxes of fabric into something that can bring joy and purpose to someones day. 

Every part these NEW ETHICAL CLUTCHES are re-purposed materials.  

- The outer coloured fabric is saved from my eco friendly storage baskets Happy Buckets.

Organic Cotton Make up bags

- The inner lining is saved from baby blankets I've made over the years, and offer a surprise little bit of colour each time you open your little bag.  These are a mix of Organic Cotton, or super fun regular cotton (as seen below).

- The inner stiffening layer has been saved from landfill from my Happy Buckets.

- The Black base is 100% eco friendly using a Hemp/Organic Cotton Canvas and uses a little strip of fabric that is remaining from cutting the Lunch Bag liners.

- Zippers were purchased from a now closed clothing manufacturer who was going out of business and nearly threw these int othe landfill!  Gosh imagine - perfectly useable high quality YKK zippers... nope they couldn't go to waste!



My mum is a super snappy seamstress, so she's worked these fabrics into these cute little numbers when she has time (and not looking after my kids or out biking in the countryside!).  They are all one off, and totally unique!


There are so many handy uses for these!


When we traveled to USA and Canada recently we had 8 passports between us (4 of us each with NZ and Canadian Passports), our tickets and a pen for filling in those pesky immigration documents that seem to come around just as you can't access your bag.  It made for a quick and easy situation when managing two kids and multiple travel documents. 

As a test, I wanted to see if my personal fav travel items can all fit.  AND they did, including my reusable coffee cup!


Make up bag:

It's been so lovely seeing local shoppers opting for an eco friendly, washable alternative to the store bought synthetic make up bags.  

The bright colour makes it easy to find in your suitcase or in the bathroom shelf.

Organic Cotton Make up bags

Pencil Case:

Do you love sketching, journalling or goal setting!?  I do each almost everyday, so I keep my analogue goodies contained and in one place for when the moment strikes me. 

Then one day if I do decide I'd like to use it for another purpose, I know I can simply chuck it in the washing machine and use it for something else! 

Organic Cotton Pencil Case


Each clutch is made from a one off combination of fabrics, and most of them are no longer available or being printed, so grab one now today.  Keep it for yourself, or give them to a loved one.  I'm sure they'll make your day brighter and waaaay more organised!

For NZ customers grab free shipping with code NZFREESHIP on check out. 

I'd love to hear what you think and how you like to repurpose items, so leave a comment and lets encourage each other to leave a lighter footprint on our beautiful planet! 



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