NEW Tall Lunch Bags

I can finally tell you my NEWEST lunch bag designs are available online to purchase.

Woop woop - Tall Lunch Bags are now available. 

In the summer months at The Nelson Market I had so many requests for taller lunch bags that were:
a) Easier to open for smaller fingers - i.e. with Velcro
b) Tall enough for a drink bottle AND lunch.

Washable Eco Friendly Lunch Bags by Pip Pottage

So I started making them, but kept selling out. I've been busy in my workshop in the last week making FIVE new ones - for my lovely North American followers (ahem - back to school is just around the corner)!!

Washable Eco Friendly Lunch Bags by Pip Pottage

BUT there are only five... so if you love them, get in quick. I'm happy to make them out of your choice of my other fabrics, but right now I'm only doing that by special request.



Eco friendly, washable Lunch Bags


I LOVE FEEDBACK - so Tell me your thoughts!  Would you use them, do you have fav colours that you'd like to see them in.  What do you take for lunch??


p.s. These also look great with a long handle as a cross body bag - but only by custom request at the moment.


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