Ten Ways to Decorate with Happy Buckets

The most common question I get is:  What do you use them for?

So I've come up with 10 really handy storage solutions for every room in your home.  They are bound to inspire you to (and give you insight into my own home life):

  • Declutter your surfaces
  • Liven up your home
  • and pretty up your plants
  • and so much more...

Here are some ideas that have inspired me to keep on makin' em.

1. Liven up your desk or workspace

Our workspaces are essential for productivity and creativity.  

It's been proven by scientific studies that if you are in control over how your workspace looks and feels, you're more likely to be productive.  I heard that on Ted Radio Hour, so it must be true!!  

Workspace storage

This is a gorgeous pic from Bec at Clouds of Colour


2. Give your plants new life.  

Plants have experienced a revival in the home decor world, and long may it last.  There's nothing like splashes of greenry to create a warm welcome and help you at home.  But you can make it even better by pairing your favourite new plant with a cut bucket.  AND to make things better, if you decide to change your bucket, you simply wash it and you can use if for many other things. 

Small Planter pot

Organised office storage baskets

3.  Fresh Fruit and Vegetable storage

After you've purchased your potatoes and onions, or fruit in your reusuable shopping bags, or foraged them from your garden, you need somewhere to store them, right?!  Of course! 

Happy Buckets come in all sorts of different sizes... and they're so nice and flexible that you can contain your fruit and veges without them having to conform to a hard container.  

Here's 1kg of lemons in a Medium Happy Bucket.  

Large size holds 2 kg of potatoes or onions.   


Food storage - happy buckets and lemons

They're even great for bread rolls on the dinner table.

Ethical Storage Baskets

4. Kids Toys 

The crazy, lovely, maddening world of standing on kids toys in the middle of the night!

When my kids were little we had lots of hard storage for toys, but I was forever worried about them tumbling over and landing on the edges.  So Happy Buckets have become my staple in our kids room.  Being soft and squishable, they squeeze into all sorts of interesting spaces (when they do the tidying up) AND they're great for using in kids play. 


Kids toy storageEco Toy StorageEco Toy Storage


5) Organised Wardrobe Solutions

Six months ago I moved in to a really really small house, I've put my set of drawers in storage and have made so many changes to my life.  The biggest has been to my wardrobe.  

Firstly, I edited my clothes!  I used the Project 333 technique for that (click the link to sign up and get the guide). 

Secondly I grabbed a few happy buckets..

Then finally I rolled and folded.  Have you tried the KonMari tenique yet?  What a space saver.  I now have my socks (10 pairs easily fit in a medium bucket), my sweaters and my workout gear (in the large size).  

Have you tried the Konmari technique yet?  Here's a starter to get you inspired...



Here's a customer pic from Kasia from Craft Love Nature.  She used her happy buckets for her wardrobe and they perfectly complement the gorgeous furniture she makes. 

Eco Friendly Storage solutions for your wardrobe

6) Nursery change Table

So many lovely lively babies rooms have been organized with Happy Buckets!  Storing Nappies (diapers), creams, wipes and all manner of itty bitty beautiful things. 


7) Make up + Medicine 

There is nothing worse than scrambling in the morning to find your favourite face goodies while straightening your bangs and kids asking where their matching socks are.  So, keep it all collected and keep yourself calm.  The Small happy buckets are priceless for keeping your daily make up right there at your fingertips.  They don't take up much space, and save you time. 

bathroom storage

ahhh that feels better!


8) Craft room storage

Zips, cotton wheels, scraps or ongoing projects.  Pop em on the shelves, keep them in a drawer, whatever you fancy.... happy buckets can make it look fancy.

Eco friendly storage baskets


9) Wayward hats and pesky odd socks

Summer hats!  Winter hats!  Mittens!  SOCKS!!  

They seem to end up in all sorts of places. At our back door, where all our shoes clutter up the door way (yup, I'm a mamma of boys), we have two large happy buckets.  

1) Kids Socks - pairs are folded neatly (they're in limited supply)

2) Hats - these get rotated for the seasons.  

It's about the only thing that the kids know exactly where they are, and where they'll be. Heaven help us if the sock bucket isn't there when we're running late. 

10) Custom fit

My most favourite project has been Anchor Happy Buckets (inspired by my lunch bags) for a yacht that was going to become my customers summer home.  Her and her hubby needed oddly shaped storage to fit in the sailboat bedroom.  How romantic!!  


Lunch bags storage

Long and wide for sports gear...

storage basket


kitchen storage

Washable + Multipurpose + Reversible + Eco Friendly + Fairtrade + Supporting Local

Decorate with Happy buckets, they'll make you feel happy!! 

If you have a happy bucket of your own, I'd love to hear how you're using it.  It inspires me to keep on makin'. So leave me a comment below.

And above all else, do what makes you happy! 

Enjoy x


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