The last of the Pip Pottage Design products...but not the end.

Well, here we go folks... I've been putting off this past for months, but many have asked me what's going on.

So here's my story.  My hope by sharing this is to show you that even with depression, money worries, family sickness and feeling like your back is up against the wall, you still have the power to change everything!    

At the start of 2018 my hubby became a student. His health was being affected by his job and he had to make a change to his career - scary times! Then with sickness of my Nana shortly thereafter, my life got a very hard dose of perspective.  

I had to look in the mirror, look at if pursuing my dreams was really helping my family. Being a small business owner requires 110% effort, 110% of the time.

That often meant working well into the night, sleepless nights trying to get the next good angle on fabric designs, markets, new products. Missing out on evenings out with friends or holidays dictated by when a market was on. It was relentless.

My kids, my friends and my mental health became secondary. When my Nan got sick I realised how much people mean to me, so I decided to make that a priority in my life.  I had to get a life!  I had to put my big girl panties on and face reality.

So I put it out to the universe, and it answered.  Like really fast!  

I now proudly work as a project manager for a web development and design firm, and I love it.

I haven't had so much sleep and socialising in years and it feels so good. Sadly my Nan did pass away just before Christmas, but we gave her a good send off and not doing markets over Christmas meant I could grieve at my own pace. 

My hubby's health is great, and his study is going really well.   

I now consider myself a recovering entrepreneur. I'm terrible at relaxing and haven't mastered the art of "doing nothing" yet. But I'm trying.

This last summer has been the first summer since 2010 that my hubby and I haven't worked weekends, and we're enjoying life as a family so much more. We now know how "normal" families live. It's quite nice really.

So what does this mean for Pip Pottage Designs?

Well, no more market stalls or making products. I'm selling all of my products at 30% off Lunch Bags and 50% off the rest to make room in my workshop for guitar playing and family time.  

So, I have a FINAL SALE happening... 


The last of my goods are online now and you can still get the goods here: 

Auckland Art Gallery Retail Shop - Auckland, New Zealand

EcoLand @ Nelson Environment Centre - Vanguard Street, Nelson

Nelson Provincial Museum - Nelson

Suter Art Gallery - Nelson

My textile designs are available for Purchase at my Spoonflower Shop and my Printed on Demand products at Redbubble including laptop cases, t-shirts, clocks and many more items.

Once my products all sell, I'm planning on setting aside some time each week to kick back into collection textile design work, I've really missed it.  

In the last 6 years, I've travelled from Auckland to Geraldine and put so much thought and heart into what I do, it's sad to say goodbye to the market life, to the people and the hard work. 

But we, the Pottages, are so happy and feel like we're living a "normal life" whatever that means. 

Thank you for supporting me over the last 6 years, for loving my designs, buying them for loved ones and giving them a home. 



  • It’s so lovely to see your news about this transition working so well for your family! Have always seriously loved your designs, and wish you all the best and more in this next season ❤️

    Elisabeth Cammell
  • Hey Pip, it’s a hard road eh. Good on you for making choices that make your life more choice. And good you for stepping up and supporting the fam while it goes through big change. I did that too, and look at us now :) XXX

    Victoria Vincent

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