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About us

Pip Pottage Designs Eco home waresPip Pottage Designs is focused on creating ethical home wares and baby goods that don’t compromise design, style or your wallet.

It’s the creative outlet of Pip Pottage (that's me with my eldest lad!), a self taught surface pattern designer who’s passionate about leaving the world in a better way than she found it. 

I am a home décor nut. My theory has always been: why live in a space that makes you feel bad, when you could live in one that makes you feel good!

For many years I lived in Canada, and now have the privilege of calling both New Zealand and Canada home.  We lived a very conscious lifestyle, its where we became aware of consumerism, over production and began to question why we buy and how our purchases can influence the greater state of the world.

So, when we moved back to NZ I was surprised and astonished that Organic, Eco Friendly, Ethical lifestyle products weren't as available here.  

So, I decided to change that!  

When I couldn't find eco fabrics in fun textiles that I'd like to have in my home, I took classes in Graphic Design.  I now have a growing portfolio of fabrics, and hope one day 100% of what you find here will be all my own textile design.

Colour, comfort and pride can have a massive impact on your state of mind, and that can affect so many areas of our life.

I take inspiration from natural fibres, pattern and colour!

I love hardworking double-duty items that minimise clutter.
Easy to wash, easy to use. Quality, that lasts.

In between designing fabrics and stitching, Pip raises two rowdy boys who keep her on her toes and works for fellow online business Ash Hilton Jewellers.


Pip Pottage Designs Eco home wares

Adrienne - aka Nana - Pip's Mamma!

A seamstess extraordinaire with over 40 years experience. She's the go-to expert for anything fabric, and a sewing perfectionist!  

She taught me how to sew from a very young age, bought me my first sewing machine in Canada, many years ago and inspired me to make my first baby blanket for Sam.  



Super Betty!  

Betty is one of those awesome behind the scenes types.  She is a jack of all trades and master of many!  For me she helps with sewing overflow, special projects and developing new patterns.  She has a Arts Degree (she does amazing textile sculpture), works for local fashion designers and is a Nana to two gorgeous littlies.  

Her workshop is overflowing with amazing projects, full of sun and is most definitely one of her happy places. 


All items in on this website have been sewn by Pip, Adrienne or Betty in the lovely sunny workrooms located in Nelson, New Zealand.


Photography Credit:

The lovely crew at The Love Collective skillfully took care of all the Nursery photography. They specialise in Family and Wedding photography in the Top of the South of New Zealand.