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Happy Buckets - hand drawn herringbone 6 colours

Happy Buckets - hand drawn herringbone 6 colours

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These clever eco-friendly storage basket features sustainable materials so your storage baskets have less impact on the planet AND solve your clutter worries.



Original Textile Design by Pip Pottage 
- Eco friendly fibres - made from recycled plastic bags and bottles. 
- Man Made stiffening layer
- Unbleached cotton liner
- Variety of sizes - see below


They come in two handy sizes (only small is shown):

+ Small 12cm x 11cm x (15cm Tall) 5" x 4.5" x 6" Tall
+ Medium 20cm x 16cm (20cm Tall) 8" x 6" x 8" Tall
Larger sizes are available soon.


- All items are handmade, so the pattern may be placed slightly differently on each.
- Minimally packaged with hemp twine
- Simply machine wash, line dry and iron to bounce back to shape.
- When displaying plants, make sure you use a non porous planter, as the happy buckets are not waterproof. 
- Made to order. 


Original Textile Design by Pip Pottage